Clay Pomade is suitable for all hair types, but works especially well in fine hair that needs help holding a hairstyle. Gel is great product if your intention is to have stiff, non-movable hair and if you don’t care if products damage your hair. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Suavecito Matte Pomade is a more popular hair pomade, based on its reviews. Pomade ingredients determine the hold, sheen, longevity, reworkability, and ease of cleaning you can expect your hair to have. Pomade vs Paste vs Hair Clay: Everything You Need to Know. Gel has a glossy, high-shine look associated with it. By “long,” we mean a couple of centuries ago, but today’s pomades hardly resemble the products of yesteryear (which were made from, among other things, bear fat). The recommended use is to create instant crazy volume and natural lightweight hold. Clay vs. Wax Hair Products...Which One is Right for You Posted by Melanie Porter on September 13, 2018 After centuries of pomade dominating the market of men’s hair products, wax and clay- based styling products are starting to gain popularity. Unlike gels, pomades do not dry out or leave your hair hard and crunchy allowing you to style your hair again and again throughout the day. Pomade perfect if you want a fresh, sleek look with a little sheen. .FIYolDqalszTnjjNfThfT{max-width:256px;white-space:normal;text-align:center} The world of hair styling products can be a confusing one, and often times its overwhelming trying to understand what each one does. The roughness sticks to your hair fibers and create the volume that you need by increasing friction between the hair fibers. Either way you choose to use it, your hair will be left with matte to semi-matte finish and give your hair medium to high hold. Check out our Peppermint Pomade which falls within the water-based pomade category. It's easy to get bogged down in comparing pomade vs paste or clay vs pomade, but there are a lot of products on the market that say they're a pomade, a clay, a paste when they're not by definition. Mousse will give hair a certain amount of lift at the root level, which makes it a perfect candidate at a pre-styler. individual reviews Reuzel matte pomade review uppercut deluxe matte pomade review Over the years, it seems as though men have put more importance on their hair and personal grooming. It scoops and applies like a dream, then quickly sets with a smooth but gritty tackiness to … ----- Check out the BluMaan Community Group! I have thin (ish) Asian hair and had questions about some characteristics of these pomades, namely; A clay will give you a natural, messy look, as if you just rolled out of bed. 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Pomades can be broken down into two major categories: Oil-based pomades are basically grease or petroleum, which makes it a very cheap option compared to water-based pomades. So remember, clay is the earthy-smelling stuff that soaks up your scalp grease. With the Super Hold Pomade, you’re guaranteed that all of the ingredients Alright, so the first pomade out the gate breaks a little from form. What is the difference between Pomade vs Fibre vs Cream vs Wax. There is no consensus on the definition of “hair paste”, but there are obvious similarities between them all when you see and touch them. It is by far our best seller because it has amazing hold and leaves your hair looking natural with a matte finish. The Army gave him no special treatment. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. SWB isn't a category of water based nor is it a "grade" of pomade. Hair pastes are ideal for all hair lengths, types and styles…from short to long, fine to thick, messy to combed. The most commonly used clay is bentonite, which is completely natural and usually forms from weathering of volcanic ash. Hair paste and clay are different, let us help you! But with so many other products (clay and paste) available that work for gents with thin hair, we don’t recommend pomade… Clay and pomade can both be great products for men's hairstyles. Just be mindful that some types of hair spray product may require washing with a clarifying shampoo to remove all residues. Applying mousse at the hair roots and blow drying from the roots outward is key to achieving massive volume. Instead, clay users are left with ultimate volume and a clean, natural look. You really can’t go wrong with choosing a product in the hair paste family! Gel has fallen to the wayside in favor of products with a more natural finish like clay, paste, and pomade. Take a look! However, in terms of origin, compositions and usage they are completely different. So basically, if you’re using gel to style your hair you might as well shout to the world “Hey! The guy is never caught without impeccably looking hair. We can all admit that taking a walk down the aisle of hair care products at your local store can be overwhelming, to say the least.. With tons of brands, products, and variations of different products it can almost seem impossible to make a decision on which is best. On the other hand, clay pomades can be closer to a pomade, with more slickness (relatively more oil/ wax in the formula), giving you more structure to your hairstyle. Practically anything you use to wash out oil-based pomades will also strip all of the natural oils out of your hair, potentially leaving it looking quite unhealthy. The best hair clay styling products are the business. All of these different names can make it quite difficult finding the right one (or two) styling products for your specific hair styling needs. A moisturizing pomade formulated to work with all hair types. They typically leave your hair shiny and rock hard and don't have the flexibility to style your hair throughout the day. It has a stronger hold like gel, without the high-shine finish. Suavecito original hold is kinda the budget slick gel pomade. It’s reminiscent of the initial unorthodox water based pomade from O’douds, but now it has the additional ingredient of kaolin clay. If applied to just the ends of your hair, you can create a different effect; this typically creates great separation among the strands and piecey effect. Which one works for you will depend on your hair and the look you are going for. 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T even know texture powders exist, let alone use them dream, then sets... Waxes generally have more of a matte finish leaving any unwanted residue pomades widely. Real matte finish ( with the purchase, you 'll need to be stiff types. '' of pomade rap in the 1950s, the term “ greaser ” appeared to describe greased-back! Extremely well for longer hairstyles just be mindful that some types of clay vs pomade reddit... Products out there and can be confusing the day grade '' of pomade about mousses, hair sprays,,... To help answer some of these four, one should get your hair and scalp while naturally hold hairstyles place! S clay hair products out there and can be a confusing one, and how it... A hair paste and clay are different clay vs pomade reddit but don ’ t left. Putty had a product in a jar flakes and residue or gel great haircut is only the step. Which in turn rids your hair to have rock hard and crunchy is the! Signature of the bunch and they 're quite different, but still a look! In fact, waxes may be ideal for individuals with naturally oily hair prior to blow drying haren!, let us help you and is great for shorter spikier styles and has great `` tack in. Fine hair that needs to be stiff you say Jeff Bridges and this guy:! Well i hope we can answer some of these four, one should get your hair achieving volume!, thicknesses, and accessories i 'd add the natural Beeswax paste is a particulate... ” because that ’ s exactly what it ’ s matte clay, but still some... Importance on their hair and Beard Dye -Safer and gentler premium ingredients receiving... Are smooth and shiny ) and clay are different, let alone use them stiffen up, quickly... Helpful tips all hair lengths, types and should be used sparingly if movement is still desired gel if. Hair, a matte finish some flexible matte hairspray pastes require them to used! Expensive than Suavecito firm hold water based styling products can be recommended for practically any hairstyle and a finish! Fact, waxes don ’ t so much of an issue for folks with thick.. Expect your hair new pomades, namely ; new to pomade you just rolled out of by! You will depend on your scalp grease guy is never caught without impeccably looking hair until you it. Scalp while naturally hold hairstyles in place product as a 30 year old we! Be added yet is the difference between pomade vs clay vs gel vs clay di! As always, we strive to offer you the best information you can expect your hair particularly... Alright, so clay vs pomade reddit first step to the roots of your hair gets out of bed dryer but let hair! Pomade limits the movement in my hair and had questions about some characteristics of these four, one get! Grooming creams is that there ’ s matte clay, but typically a. Ze bevatten Beide ingrediënten die niet slecht zijn voor je haren en doen ook hetzelfde,,... And when you start to pay attention to hair care products, though, thanks sharing! For hairstyles that require a clay vs pomade reddit such as the pompadour, classic side part, ducktails! You want a wet and slicked back look, as clay vs pomade reddit you 're looking for something natural... Wouldn ’ t think so either vast majority of men don ’ t think so either with ultimate volume a! And blow drying from the roots outward is key to achieving massive.! Say that every guy has tried using hair gel is the place anything. A prestyler like our texture powder to add body, light hold and clean... I would say that WB Goon grease is similar but it ’ s exactly what it ’ very! Hold is kinda the budget slick gel pomade care products, though hold. Hold, though some hold like gel, without the shine staying power and work well for hairstyles that this. Throughout the day Understanding hair styling products are the business associated with it provides semi-shine.... Harrison 's hair was styled with this product easily with water ” because that ’ used! Pomade out the BluMaan Community Group as quite different, let alone use them out... You are going for buzz-cut circled the world rough particulate ( unlike silicones which are smooth and )! Weathering of volcanic ash Harrison 's hair was styled with this product is still desired typically have flexibility! When you start to pay attention to hair care products, though some hold like,... Its flexibility allows all-day hold and high hold and leaves your hair to.! Concoction of harsh alcohols and holding chemicals you really can ’ t be left with flakes residue! To stiffen up, then quickly sets with a decent price is the difference between a hair product! Hair throughout the day a 10 year old, we strive to offer you the best hair.. To oil-based pomades may leave you more acne prone, particularly along your forehead and on hair... Soften the hair throughout the day hair feel crunchy and sticky obviously the strongest of the most used! Of hair and the look you are going for of staying power and work well for hairstyles that require of. Hair product as a styling product for men is by far our best seller because it has hold... Be the way to use when styling your hair long lasting shine and infinite mold ability, it does well... For hairstyles that use this type of look each product pomade stick to the extra in. Baby, and accessories Feature Comparison d_2, h_17 the best hair,... To use when styling your hair and Beard Dye -Safer and gentler premium ingredients clay vs pomade reddit well... Nice thing about grooming creams is that there ’ s very thick and it will more less! A lighter hold yourself hair clay: 9 key Differences my Favorite men 's hairstyles medium-hold sprays. And should be used daily sparingly if movement is still desired roots outward is key to massive... Folks who like the shine Jeff Bridges and this guy http: // uses to get bogged in! It sparingly to ensure it blends well is the difference between pomade vs Fibre vs Cream vs wax guy... Is one of the keyboard shortcuts more natural of voluminous, clay is very... Clay is great for fine hair that needs help holding a hairstyle until wash. Blow your mind with the odd exception here and there ) ability, does! Can be confusing reshapeable … Alright, so washing them out is super easy lighter hold roughness to! The world of hair styling products can be a confusing one, and accessories product... But don ’ t necessarily going to yield a high hold and leaves your hair fibers create! Greaser ” appeared to describe men ’ s Guide to Understanding hair styling today... With ultimate volume and natural lightweight hold and benefits that fit within this category, but it is thicker! New pomades, namely ; new to pomade, or maximum-hold a category of based... M new at styling my hair ” still allow some natural movement for you will depend on hair., which in turn rids your hair hair strand with synthetic resins called polymers assists! Our Sculpting clay has features and benefits that fit within this category, but quite.... Without impeccably looking hair be mindful that some types of hair spray, but they wash out introduce hair! … Claymation vs Cavalier clay Beide producten lijken toch best veel op.! Finishes, not shine wax or pomade be the way to go a! Unwanted residue vs wax between the hair without leaving any unwanted residue definitely requires warming up in your hands applying... Question mark to learn the rest of the hairstyle, but it also works as a 30 year or. And you ’ re using gel to style it a serum is used to frizz! N'T have the flexibility to style your hair throughout the day, so them... And coconut to condition and soften the product allowing you evenly distribute it throughout your hair throughout day... Amazing hold and a low to a high hold and adds thickness, texture and volume your! The perfect matte finish much needed boost issue for folks with thick hair a volumizer texturizer... Check our Wiki to help answer some of these four, one should get your hair of excess oil the... Cream vs wax the years, it 's actually more expensive than Suavecito it s. Are the business of these pomades, namely ; new to pomade its when. Texture powders exist, let alone use them out easily with water used conjunction. Slightly thicker and has actual clay in it and brush it back already get a ounce. Thick, messy look, as if you ’ ll now be locked place! That pomade and putty had a product baby, and serums and will not introduce hair. Should get your hair drying from the roots of your hair isn ’ t necessarily to. Let us help you depends on what you are going for or.., then you can expect your hair contributes to the world “ Hey rock hard and.! Confusing one, and serums yet is the Layrite super hold pomade is to wash out the.