All Rights Reserved, � Copyright TopSpeed. V4 power drives an aluminum chassis with robust ride-control electronics with a definite bias for track use, and it comes adorned with weight-saving carbon-fiber bits and bobs to minimize mass. Aprilia created the 2020 Tuono V4 1100 Factory to deliver real racebike experience in a naked-sport package for riders who may actually get beyond the parking lot at the local track. I can only manage 80mph+ on a stock full power 2012 bike (the most I've ever seen was 86mph tucked in, slightly downhill in perfect conditions and I wasn't maxed out on revs in 6th but just ran out of puff around 8,500 - 9000rpm. It was launched at the GP of Americas in Austin, Texas a couple of months back, and is here to serve a purpose in its life – help Aprilia get on with the new regulations in the WSBK championships. Aprilia rolls into the new decade with its racebike-inspired Tuono V4 1100 RR. December 20, 2018, 12:30, For $24,499, you get "aerodynamic appendages" on the bike. Read. 21.93 lakh, the RSV Factory ABS is available at Rs. This is a serious bike for serious riders. Not only does this improve penetration, it also sets up a smoother flow which in turn takes the hot waste-air away from the rider and into the slipstream more efficiently for a bit of self-synergy. Well, the factory claims a whopping 100 ponies from its little mid-size plant but is, so far, keeping the top speed figures close to the vest. This eliminates multiple sections of tubing along with their associated weight as another pound-paring measure. Underneath all the racing razzmatazz the Aprilia RS 125 is a fairly stock four-stroke 125. It’s a multifunction component that rocks foil-shaped uprights that protects the swept area of the inner fork tubes and also shunts the air around the stems into laminar flow with the cowling. "Also if I did want to derestrict it how would I go about doing it?" Let’s just say you’ve made it big out there in the world, bought a billion-dollar mansion somewhere along the coast or up in the mountains, and you have enough space to indulge with all sorts of gadgetry and machines. As much fun as it is to see all the new bikes that are already slated for production and release, it’s the [concept bikes-