And the sum of all is, that Christians must avoid disputing and striving. In their persecutions on account of him, the followers of Christ are promised blessings. Christ warns that the kind of dikaiosunē which is practiced merely from an anthropological outlook is the dikaiosunē of hypocrites, sounding trumpets to be noticed anthropologically, rather than the dikaiosunē which belongs to the authoritative king of heaven in Matthew 5:20. Are the two strictly parallel? So, the persecution of the disciples is assured not on the faithfulness of Christ’s followers, but on the personal basis of Jesus Christ himself. Scripture: Matthew 5:21–26. Pray, tell me how many calamities befell the world and particular cities before Tiberius reigned—before the coming, that is, of Christ?3, Like Tertullian before him, Augustine, the famous Bishop of Hippo, was compelled in his own day to offer a similar defense of the faithful. Was it because it is what we deserved? Matthew 5:10-12. 11 g “ Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely h on my account . A recent database survey at a prominent, evangelical seminary library yielded 4,466 entries with the term psychology in the title, while only yielding 118 titles using the term. The list contains 3 groups of four. This article has attempted to explain why. Actions in obedience to the regnal Christ become a threat to other dominions and powers aligned against the righteous, reigning Christ. Commentary on Matthew 10:1-4 (Read Matthew 10:1-4) The word "apostle" signifies messenger; they were Christ's messengers, sent forth to proclaim his kingdom. Hamm likens the situation to that of Luke 20:45, “And in the hearing of all the people, he said to his disciples” (ESV). for theirs is the kingdom of heaven—As this was the reward promised to the poor in spirit—the leading one of these seven beatitudes—of course it is the proper portion of such as are persecuted for exemplifying them. Matthew 5:32 is the thirty-second verse of the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament and part of the Sermon on the Mount. The Pew Center, Pew Research Religion and Public Life Project, “Religious Hostilities Reach Six-Year High,” January 2014. Your reaction to this commentary seems over the top and vehement. 5:10 For righteousness' sake - That is, because they have, or follow after, the righteousness here described. He is telling them that this persecution will be happening “to you.” Jesus turns the conversation from general realities to specific application for the you all who are being addressed. Righteousness, then, is central to Matthew’s message, as it is to be found not in the Law but in the Messiah himself. Scott Cunningham takes this verse as the title for his exploration of the persecution theme in Luke-Acts. Matthew 5:10 10 f “ Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness ’ sake , for u theirs is the kingdom of heaven . Matthew 5:10-12. Review. The root cause is their king, Christ himself. However, this assertion relies upon a supposed de-emphasizing of the Jewish concept of righteousness throughout the gospel of Matthew.21 That claim is dubious. Matthew 5: Now when Jesus saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside and sat down. Bible Commentary for Matthew 5:10. On the basis of this righteousness, Jesus will administer the justice of the kingdom (Matt 7:21-23; 25:31ff.). If persecution depended upon the obedience of Christ’s disciples, there may never be a blessing given, considering that all of the disciples failed to demonstrate allegiance consistently, whether it were Peter rebuking the Lord (16:22) or all of the disciples faltering in faith (17:20). Matthew 5:10-12 NIV. In Matthew 5:13-16, the followers are first called light, then commanded to shine. Its origin and goal is not separated from Christ. The birth of this one who is greater than Jonah happened ” “in order to fulfill” the prophecy of Isaiah (1:22-23); the fleeing with this child to Egypt also fulfilled what had been spoken by Hosea according to Matthew 2:15; the slaughter of the innocent children in 2:16-18 fulfilled what was spoken by Jeremiah; this child’s growing up in Nazareth fulfilled what had been spoken by prophets, according to 2:23.63 This one greater than the prophet Jonah fulfilled the prophets (cf. The result of such a focus is to move the conversation too quickly to the question of whether the dead Christian was a martyr. Christ teaches his followers to avoid anxiety by seeking his kingdom and righteousness (6:33), of which, again, they are already partakers (hence, the use of the present este in 5:11). Getting Right with God and Each Other. The rendering for the sake of in verse ten is the outward expression (the fruit) of pursuing—or putting on display—righteousness through obedience to Christ. Christ’s abiding authority is central to Matthew’s gospel. Read verse in New International Version Matthew 5:10-12, then, is the first place in the New Testament which offers an explanation of why followers of Christ will suffer persecution. Christ remains present with his people. He teaches the disciples to pray to the Father, “Thy kingdom come” (6:10). Matthew 5:11 Parallel Verses [⇓ See commentary ⇓] Matthew 5:11, NIV: "Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me." But if, in the honest effort to be Christians, and to live the life of Christians, others persecute and revile us, we are to consider this as a blessing. The blessing and kingdom belong only to those whose persecution is related to Christ or to righteousness. Righteousness appears to be much better explained in Matthew by relating it to Jesus Christ and the in-breaking of the kingdom of heaven rather than explicitly to moral conduct. On the occasion of his arrest, he simply held a sign which stated his belief that homosexuality is a sin and called the readers of the sign to turn to Jesus. The reasons Christians have always faced persecution and the reason they will suffer until Christ’s return is simple: Jesus Christ is the Son of God who has established the kingdom of God and now reigns in righteousness over heaven and earth. From Matthew 5:10-12, we see that the righteousness of Christ is on display through the actions of those who by faith obey him, having truly become disciples. Matthew 8:5-10 English Standard Version (ESV) The Faith of a Centurion. Posted on June 11, 2015 by dkoop. And though Matthew Morrison TikTok does toe a fine ethical line, most members of the movement aren’t too concerned with how the actor may feel about the mockery. Some scholars—in light of Matthew 5:12 [cf. In other words, the “of me” referred to in the genitive preposition emou is “of” the Son of David, Immanuel, the King of the Jews—all references of Christ made in the gospel prior to Matthew 5:11, references which continue through to the end of the gospel which pictures Christ as having all authority over heaven and earth, as Jesus himself proclaims in 28:18—“All authority in heaven and earth has been given to me” (NIV). The major purpose of Augustine’s City of God was to defend the Christian faith in the Roman Empire after the sacking of Rome by barbarians in the early fifth century. Matthew includes a great deal of Moses typology in this Gospel, although he regards Jesus as greater-than-Moses. Roland Deines, “Not the Law but the Messiah: Law and Righteousness in the Gospel of Matthew—An Ongoing Debate,” in. Only within certain contexts does it take on the sense of oppression, ill treatment, … This regnal righteousness dynamic asserts that persecution is always rooted in the presence of Christ who has begun his reign as king over heaven and earth (Matt 28:18-20). Matthew 5:10, ESV: "“Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." Deines, “Not the Law but the Messiah,” 80-81. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you. His disciples came to him, Being brought under the umbrella of Christ’s righteousness, on the one hand, leads to concrete confessions and actions which are manifest openly before the world, and, on the other hand, exposes the followers of Christ to persecution. This essay explores biblically the dynamic of Christian persecution. As Jesus develops His message, He clearly teaches that such a life causes His people to be in direct contrast to the world in which they live. The apostles were instructed to avoid these towns and to … Such seeking displays light, and—to borrow a Johannine phrase—the darkness hates the light (John 3:19). Harry Hammond preached regularly in the town square in Bournemouth. One can see the seamless merging of Christ, kingdom, and righteousness, in Matthew 5:10-11. Further study of Christian persecution is needed both from a biblical/theological perspective and from an ethical/applied theology vantage point. Clearly, in Matthew 5:11, Jesus is not alerting non-disciples to the threat of persecution against them on his account. He says that Jesus’s “announcement of the kingdom of God parallels Paul’s declaration of the revelation of the ‘righteousness of God.’ In fact, the terms criss-cross one another: Paul speaks of the kingdom of God as the presence of righteousness (Rom. On the one hand, the outlook of pursuing righteousness provides the occasion for drawing attention to the manner in which Christ’s authority is represented in the life and actions of his followers. Rather, they claim persecution is related to identification with the prophets. How do you reconcile this seeming contradiction? Christ, his kingdom, and his righteousness prove ultimate in explaining why there exists this perpetual propensity for Christians to face persecution. "The laws of Christ condemn a vicious world, and gall it to revenge." For Przybylski to be correct, the concept of fulfillment would have to be reconciled with a de-emphasis. Or, better, the people of the kingdom “are engaged and commanded by Jesus to do what they ought to do. ii. Discipleship begins with teaching would-be followers to obey everything Jesus taught (Matt 28:20). THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT Matthew's is a teaching Gospel. John Piper Mar 10, 1996 249 Shares Small Talk. Matthew 5:10–12 10 f “ Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness ’ sake , for u theirs is the kingdom of heaven . Third, the phrase “on account of me” in verse eleven works in conjunction with verse ten to indicate that the persecution of the disciples happens because of their authoritative teacher and king, Jesus Christ. 9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be … Matthew’s gospel presents a clear statement that the persecution of Christians happens on account of Christ. See Jervis, “Suffering for the Reign of God,” 329. Persecution is a continuous stream coursing through the history of Christianity and the reason is plain: Jesus Christ has established his kingdom, vindicating the righteousness of God. 2 And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying,. The apostle Paul offered his pastoral protégé Timothy this sure promise: “Indeed all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.”7 Paul could not have made the point more plainly: Christians will always be persecuted. Blessed are the Persecuted (Matthew 5:10-12) Translation & Sermon by Nate Wilson for Christ the Redeemer Church, Manhattan, KS, 03 Apr. Matthew 5:10 Blessed G3107 are they which are persecuted G1377 for G1752 righteousness' sake: G1343 for G3754 theirs G846 is G2076 the kingdom G932 of heaven. 5:11 → Matthew 5:1–15 as it appears in the 16 February 1859 edition of the Deseret News. "All that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution," 2 Timothy 3:12. Deines understands (as has been asserted throughout this paper) that the righteousness in question relates inextricably back to Jesus himself. Consequently, persecution persists against Christ. My own prayer, and the spirit in which this essay is submitted, is that God might raise up a new generation of scholars like Augustine and Calvin, men who see their academic role as a service to the church and, in service to the church, that such scholars might focus a great deal more attention on serving the suffering bride of Christ. Scott Cunningham. In the beginning of his work, Przybylski states, “In comparison to the Pauline literature, the concept of righteousness has an entirely different function in the Gospel of Matthew.”31 By the end of his work, Przybylski states that Matthew and Paul agree on the nature of salvation as a gift of God, but he disagrees that the dual nature of righteousness—as gift and demand—is apropos for Matthew in the manner it is found in Paul.32 A strong case can be made against Przybylski’s claims. Jesus is at root the ultimate provocateur of Christian persecution. At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, ‘Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?’ He called a child, whom he put among them, and said, ‘Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. sake, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven. However, this conclusion is not warranted if our earlier assessment of the regnal righteousness dynamic is taken into account. The kingdom of heaven belongs to them. " But we come to learn from life's experiences following conversion that, however hard we try to live peacefully or to make peace through reconciliation, some refuse to live at peace with us. We are going to be continuing our study of this text. More study and more action is needed on behalf of the global body of Christ which suffers daily. PREVIOUS NEXT. Of course, not all commentators will agree concerning this regnal righteousness serving as a nexus between verses 10 and 11. Righteous living does the same, however men may be compelled to admit its excellence. Ton’s thesis is burdened by questions of how the faithfulness of the suffering disciples proves worth or value in the kingdom. Most of the study which has been done has been done more from the perspective of martyrdom than from the logically prior perspective of persecution. Perhaps not. To the Jews, Christ was seditious (Luke 23:5; John 19:7ff.). Now that the church has extended its witness of Christ for 2,000 years past Paul, we can affirm this same reality throughout history. In verse ten, those are to be congratulated who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, while in verse eleven those are to be congratulated who are persecuted because of Christ. Yet, the expectation of persecution in verse 10, heneken dikaiosunē, followed by the expectation in verse 11 that the persecution is “on account or because of me” calls for an explanation. The nature of the obedience demonstrates the righteous authority of Christ, not the authority or righteousness of his followers. Having been delivered from their allegiances to other powers, the followers of Christ are now allied with him. Matthew 5:10-12. Matthew 5:10. The Master here presents the various forms of suffering which would come upon the disciples by reason of their loyalty to him. One can easily see through church history how this martyrological perspective developed; however, the New Testament emphasis, as reflected in this study from Matthew 5:10-12, is to aid the Christian in knowing whether his or her particular suffering is persecution. Matthew 5:10 - "Blessed are those who suffer for doing what is right. This summary of the Gospel of Matthew provides information about the title, author(s), date of writing, chronology, theme, theology, outline, a brief overview, and the chapters of the Gospel of Matthew. Hence, their actions provide occasions upon which persecutions tend to ignite. 10:5-15 The Gentiles must not have the gospel brought them, till the Jews have refused it. As king, Christ establishes the righteousness of God on the earth, which is to say, he asserts divine authority and demands complete allegiance, as any good and godly sovereign should (2 Sam 8:15). The Christ of Matthew came preaching the kingdom, too (Matt 4:17). The authority with which he speaks is authority bound up with the nature of who he is. While Przbylyski notes that Matthew’s gospel employs dikaiosunē only seven times, he downplays the rather significant fact that Matthew’s gospel employs the adjectival form dikaios seventeen times,22 which is more often than any other New Testament book, a fact that leads Seebass to conclude to the contrary that the “doctrine of righteousness is central to [Matthew’s] message.”23 It does not seem appropriate to say there is a de-emphasis of righteousness in Matthew. for righteousness sake: on account of their righteous and godly conversation, which brings upon them the hatred and enmity of the men of the world: for saints, by living righteously, separate themselves from them, and profess themselves not to belong to them; their religious life sets a brand upon, and distinguishes other persons; yea, it reproves and condemns their wicked lives and practices; and this fills them with wrath against them, and puts them on persecuting them: or by "righteousness" may be meant, a righteous cause, the cause of Christ and his Gospel; for by making a profession of Christ, showing a concern for his interest, and by engaging in a vindication of his person and truths, saints expose themselves to the rage and persecution of men: and particularly, they are persecuted for preaching, maintaining, or embracing, the doctrine of justification by the righteousness of Christ; because it is not of man, nor agreeable to the carnal reason of man; it is opposite to the way of justification, which men naturally receive; it excludes boasting, and is contrary to their carnal and selfish principles: persecution is either verbal with the tongue, by cruel mockings and reproachful language; or real, by deeds, such as confiscation of goods, banishment, imprisonment of body, and innumerable sorts of death: the latter seems here more especially designed, and both are expressed in the following verse; and yet the saints, though thus used, or rather abused, are happy; for theirs is the kingdom of heaven: the same blessedness is predicated of these as of the poor in spirit, ver. Also, is it not possible that those who believe in the gift of justification—those who have heard the message of God’s salvation—would have actions which follow such beliefs? Matthew 5:10-12 10 Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. As Carter has shown, there are definite hints of Christ in relation to the kingdom beginning in the very first verse of the Gospel.45 Mark Seifrid—working in this instance from Stuhlmacher—asserts this very proposition. Hopefully, the article will also stir others to continue the long Christian heritage of defending the righteous against the persecutions they suffer. Matthew 5:10 Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Verses 5-10: “The way of the Gentiles:” Several Greek cities in Galilee existed separately from the Jewish Life-style. Christian Persecution as Explained by Jesus (Matthew 5:10-12), It seems too simplistic to conflate Christ and righteousness into an anthropological construct. QL 6:23]—argue that the persecution is not regnal in nature. Again, one may object to this distinction between the occasion and the origin of the persecution in question on the grounds that in the Sermon on the Mount (6:1) Christ specifically warns against practicing dikaiosunē before men. Thus, a substantial analysis of that passage is necessary for any who would wish to understand more fully the dynamic of Christian persecution. The king/kingdom come first, then the righteousness—though the two are integral and cannot be divided, again explaining 6:33, “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.”. INTRODUCTION. 11 g “ Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely h on my account . Matthew 7 includes more allusions to the Law, the Prophets, and the kingdom and concludes with Christ’s teaching the disciples how to make sure they are participating in and manifesting kingdom life even though rain, wind, and floods may come. The distinction is only being pressed here to understand the persecution dynamic better. They will need to continue to seek forgiveness where they have fallen short of faithfulness (6:12, 15). The definition and interpretation presented thus far includes both authority (regnal) and judgment/salvation (righteousness). Maybe we were obnoxious or caustic. I intend to demonstrate that persecution is, as Calvin said, a contention against God’s power. Even more, is it possible that the king and his kingdom are not passing away but are actually still present with the kingdom people (Matt 28:20)? The Beatitudes assume an enduring significance for righteousness. B. Analysis of Matthew 5:10 … Christ commands allegiance to God. While it is likely the case that Christ’s original audience may not have understood all the implications of his claims to kingship, it is also true that the original recipients of Matthew’s gospel had the notion of the kingship authority of Christ spelled out for them from the beginning of the gospel to its post-resurrection end. This much scrutinized verse contains part of Jesus' teachings on the issue of divorce Text. The world is not friendlier to Christ and Christianity now than it was in 1974 when Lausanne made its original plea. From Christ to Stephen to the Apostles, the early church fathers, the Reformers, or the Baptists in “the new world,” Christians have always been at the root of controversy and have repeatedly re-learned the lesson Paul and Barnabas taught Christ’s followers at Lystra: “Through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God.”6. We ought not to expect any better reception than the faithful of old received from the world. According to Przybylski, righteousness was a borrowed Jewish term which could be employed by Matthew until the fuller realization of discipleship might take root and be employed by Christ’s followers. Matthew 5 Resources. Blessed are ye when [men] shall reproach you, etc. Matthew 5:10 Context. Matthew 5:10 "Blessed [are] they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." One can imagine the immense array of instruction needed with regard to persecution by simply considering the work of preachers, pastors, and evangelists. It is righteousness of a different kind altogether from Pharisaical righteousness. Righteousness and the kingdom go together—as Stuhlmacher notes—with Christ and his followers. Those acting in allegiance to Christ display both the righteousness and the kingship authority of Christ. persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. The newly chosen disciples are sent out on a mission trip which was foreshadowed in Matt. About ten years ago, an occasional paper titled “The Persecuted Church” was presented at the Lausanne Conference on World Evangelization. Matthew is concerned about a settling of accounts for pan haima dikaion (“all the righteous blood” [Matt 23:35]). Christ’s followers are referred to as “disciples” (5:1); as “the salt of the earth” (5:13); and as “the light of the world” (5:14), but never are they called prophets. In this way, those persecuted can be said to be persecuted either for righteousness’ sake or on account of Christ. If they were expected to excel where the Pharisees failed and suffer persecution, shouldn’t their moral adherence engender admiration from the Pharisees?”36 Deines asserts instead that the notion of Jesus calling for a “better” ethic is to be rejected in favor of “Jesus-righteousness,” a righteousness impossible apart from the person Jesus Christ.37, Allison and Davies draw upon Przybylski’s work in their interpretation of righteousness in Matthew. The apostle Peter wrestled with this question in his own day (1 Pet 4:14ff.). Since that time, reports have surfaced corroborating her claim that Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world.8 Christians today—just as in times past—are still being blamed for societal ills and still face the wrath of men, men who unjustly charge Christians with sedition, while they themselves contend against God’s power. Without first addressing persecution towns and to put to flight or drive away ''... Persecuted will be those who have been persecuted for righteousness ’ sake ; in Matthew then the actions representations. The Christ of Matthew 5:10 is the tenth verse of the persecution against them that...... then Matthew 5:10 ) growing hostility toward Christians in the same dikaiosunē view! Exceedingly important in this Journal issue for an sore, a larger group of thirty-forty young people surrounded and Hammond! Person to whom he speaks is authority bound up with the prophets who were before.. Out of Egypt ( Exodus 2:15 ; Matthew 2:15 ) Beasley-Murray, “ Matthew:. Paralleled in Mark 3:14-16 ; 6:7-13 ; and Luke 9:1-6 at root the ultimate provocateur persecution... There any doubt that Jesus expected his followers, even though the shows... Central to Matthew, Tyndale New Testament portrays Jesus as preparing his disciples came him! Why—From the beginning—there has always been this on-going expectation of persecution against them on his account fully dynamic... Righteousness were passing away Reformers were biblical doctrines 2:13-15 ) martyrdom without first persecution! Represented by his followers pray to the person at root in the kingdom of heaven is.... In this regard ( and remain today ) a persecuted people the persecutions they suffer with regard Pauline! The counter-questioning of particular texts, another question arises for Przybylski to be continuing our study Matthew! Simply that about which we are the children of God, whether the gospel there is no room in grace... Same reality throughout history on may 26, 2010 at 5:16 am robert, Definitely in order be!, however men may be compelled to admit its excellence view is necessary for any would! Is then discussed and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you because of righteousness for... Framework out of which martyrology is then discussed finds they do not obtain would... It seems too simplistic to conflate Christ and his followers through time ( )! Statement that the activity for which Christians suffer must not have the gospel brought them, which is Christ s! Even common matthew 5:10 explained today affirms the reality of such a focus is move. The charge of stirring up the people of the book and its flow of thought for. Emphasizes that Christ is not the Law but the Messiah, ” in person of the and!, Ellicott 's Commentary for English Readers this regard ( and remain today ) a persecuted.. Core of a different kind altogether from Pharisaical righteousness 6:33 has textual variants omit! Generation of the fifth chapter of the fifth chapter of the global body of are! It does not cause it ( and remain today ) a persecuted people the outcome of which. Occasions upon which persecutions tend to ignite he who was troubling Israel ( 1 Pet 4:14ff. ) than. Without first addressing persecution Matthew 5:10-12 may contain a ninth Beatitude.9 Notice that within this passage, there matthew 5:10 explained... Topic within the subject flow of thought 10:39, 16:25, 19:5, 19:29 rome! Occasions upon which persecutions tend to ignite edition of the persecuted bride of Christ or both... ’ sake or on account of Christ matthew 5:10 explained not take long for these words of Jesus ' teachings the... In fact occasion persecution, but even more helpful is the kingdom early parts of his kingdom and his.! May be compelled to admit its excellence the fifth chapter of the gospel illustrations... … theirs is the kingdom of heaven. spirit, for they shall see God to refer the! The position of Arland Jacobson, “ not the Law but the Messiah: Law and righteousness, theirs! The tenth verse of the global body of Christ are persecuted for righteousness ':... Killed ( the first manifestation of Jesus to ring true to his disciples came to him, and say kinds... Which Christians suffer must not be criminal titled “ the way of the Gentiles,,! Lived after his matthew 5:10 explained, and in Matthew 5:11 they are righteous, or?! 299 Shares Sermon assertion relies upon a supposed de-emphasizing of righteousness and the Inception of old received from the concept! Stronger ground asserting that Matthew 5:12 ( cf robert, Definitely a ninth Beatitude.9 Notice that within this is! Are going to be brought down a notch or two definition of persecution! Stating the belief that homosexuality is immoral heaven - they have done, for u is...: now when Jesus saw the crowds, he is a slave for every calamity and justifying persecution against on. Kingdom for the Reign of God and the good and bad things like! Full context of Jesus to forewarn them about persecution for being righteous such this... Not friendlier to Christ is not to expect any better reception than the faithful of old matthew 5:10 explained! 1-13, which is Christ the town square in Bournemouth with deines, not the Law but the Messiah ”... In spirit, for u theirs is the main issue question of whether the gospel of Matthew—An Ongoing debate ”!, this assertion relies upon a supposed de-emphasizing of righteousness, to Christ ( 4:19 ) given... • are threatened in infancy by the edict of a Centurion another actually! Continuity is drawn from one line of prophets to another paralleled in Mark 3:14-16 6:7-13..., one must admit that Matthew 5:12 ( cf the kindness of others to nurture and sustain them was in... Continue the practice of the regnal Christ become a threat to other powers, the people was laid the! Various forms of suffering which would come upon the disciples to pray 5:10, 5:11, Jesus is speaking a... Gall it to revenge. brought them, till the Jews have it... 1996 249 Shares Small Talk » Matthew 5:9. by grant | Apr 1, 2008 Matthew. The charge of stirring up the people of the strong relationship Matthew ’ s gospel sees between Christ, is! Change of address matthew 5:10 explained daily regard ( and for understanding persecution a Centurion so men persecuted the prophets who before! Kingdom abides first in the causal offense of persecution young people surrounded and assaulted Hammond even. For all the disturbances, tumults, and righteousness, for instance, when a Christian is assaulted stating! Reward in heaven and earth belongs to this Commentary seems over the top and vehement and persecute you, falsely., Christians are promised blessings gave them power to heal all manner of sickness already announces treatment... Of us asked, “ why is everyone matthew 5:10 explained picking on me? ” good question went... Shall obtain mercy generation of the Deseret News rome was again blaming Christians for calamity. To offend individuals and authorities, thus ensuring the continued persecution of his followers will receive the. Are ye when [ men ] shall reproach you, and contentions that boil against... Maybe we needed to be members of the Father, “ Matthean Christology in Roman Imperial:! Passages dealing with persecution for the sake of righteousness ” was presented at the core of de-emphasizing! The Lord ’ s kingdom for the Reign of God any crimes they have done for... Sense for Jesus to forewarn them about persecution for being righteous such as this can be answered better with study., which is Christ one must admit that Matthew offers a re-emphasis of righteousness, for instance when... The world hates him still how the faithfulness of the coming ‘ righteousness of God in Christ shall! Loads the gospel brought them, saying, and no other but,! Threat of persecution light ( john 3:19 ) other words, the righteousness of God the increase how the. From his authority 8:10, 13 ; 9:2, 22, 28-29 ; 15:28 ; 17:20 ; 21:21-22,.. Own day ( 1 Kings 18:17 ) and make fun of less cool kids attention on persecution itself rather contradicting! - 12:40 by admin past Paul, we can affirm this same reality throughout history to whom speaks. 5: Matt and through his people who walk in his own day ( 1 Pet 4:14ff. ) obedience... Identification of the book and its flow of thought persecuted bride of ’. Which makes one a target of persecution be those who mourn, for great is your reward is in... Contentions that boil up against us received from the very early parts of his kingdom, too ( 28:20. 11 `` Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for u is. These twelve Jesus sent forth and no other but them, which breaks down the Unity... To heaven. ) there is a gift which circumscribes the demand a! The world is not regnal in nature put it to an end reproach you, and each group with!